Blue Bloods season 9: The debate when it comes to Frank Reagan stories

Blue Bloods season 9

This week marks, alas, yet another one without a new Blue Bloods episode on the air. Yet, that isn’t stopping us from having some discussions! Take, for example, this time around, as we’re getting into a debate regarding the best way for the CBS series to utilize Frank Reagan in the future.

The first question that you have to ponder in regards to Frank is rather simple: Is there a way to get this guy out in the field a little bit more than what we’ve seen? For most of the series, we’ve seen him largely be confined to doing things within his office — there are detours here and there, but for us we want to see him in a spot that isn’t so familiar to him. That means finding a way to challenge the character and offer us, as a viewer, an opportunity to see something that is a little bit different and exciting. Take, for example, him having to go somewhere that he doesn’t frequent or communicate with hostile people in an environment where others cannot be at his side. We don’t need to see his life on the line or him kidnapped, but we want to see him vulnerable in a way we don’t often seen.

Then, there’s also the love-interest question. For a time, Kelly was set up as a possible romantic partner for Frank and we still do think that this is an avenue that could be explored a little bit more in the future if CBS wants to go in that direction. It really just comes down to whether or not they see the same amount of appeal in doing this that we do. (We thought for a while that Mayor Dutton was going to be a love interest, but the show has shifted things around a little bit and we haven’t seen her in a while.) If not a love connection, can Frank make some new friend connections?

Above all else, we think that Blue Bloods has an opportunity to feature a character at a particular point in his life in a way that few older characters on TV are featured. Given that you have an actor of Tom Selleck’s caliber in the cast, why wouldn’t you want to try and explore this man’s dimensions a little more? This is a way to bring him to the next level.

What do you want to see Blue Bloods season 9 do moving forward when it comes to Frank? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments.

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