Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 3: Who’s the last veteran standing?

Top Chef -On Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 3 this season, we had a showdown of two returning contestants alongside two newbies. The theme? Breakfast — with a little bit of Christmas thrown in for good measure.

It’s true that there is still something quite ridiculous about watching some of these chefs have to pretend as though it’s the holidays when they originally filmed this season months ago. These people are professionals, after all! Yet, we also understand Bravo wanting to throw a seasonal component into the show to get it more attention this time of year.

Entering Last Chance Kitchen this time around was Kevin Scharpf, who certainly entered the competition with a great sense of resolve. He was eliminated over his Christmas dessert being too salty, but he was surprisingly not salty about it at all. As a matter of fact, we’d argue that Kevin had one of the best spirits out of anyone we’ve seen all season long! Watching him is almost like watching a kid in a candy store, especially when it came to the experience of him making waffles, something he doesn’t do all that often. (We should note that all of the contestants had to use Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning in what they did — sure, we’d complain about product placement, but that helps to ensure that we do still keep getting episodes of Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen online.)

Kevin was up against Brother Luck, Carrie Baird, and Natalie Maronski following her elimination last week, and Natalie continued to prove herself to be a threat here! She won the competition thanks in part to a perfectly-done omelette, which makes it feel further like her elimination from the main show was a fluke rather than some sort of indicator of her performance here. Meanwhile, Brother finished in second, which is a reminder that he may still be the kitchen’s biggest threat. He went on a huge winning streak in Last Chance Kitchen last year and while he’s not winning a bunch of these showdowns, he’s staying alive and that is what matters here.

Who was eliminated?

Surprisingly, it was Carrie, who did extremely well on Top Chef last year. Kevin’s enthusiastic food paid off and in her case, it may have been an attempt at doing too much. After her “fancy toast” drew rave reviews last season, her toast this time around (which was really just toast with jam on it) couldn’t quite live up. She is still an exceptional chef, though, and with a different strategy, maybe she would be moving on.

Yet, Brother Luck is now the final returning chef still in the running — we’ll see if he has a chance to make it into the competition itself.

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