Titans season 2 premiere date hopes for DC Universe series

Following today’s finale, do you want to see some Titans season 2 premiere date hopes? Rest assured, we’ve got some of that information within!

Before getting too deep with this particular story, though, let’s kick things off here with a reminder that there will, in fact, be a season 2 for Titans coming up at some point down the line. This is something that was first confirmed back in October at New York Comic-Con, and it’s not exactly hard to know why the DC Universe streaming service wanted to issue this particular renewal fairly early on. They recognize that they are still in the fledgling portion of their run as a service and because of that, it does benefit them significantly to hit the ground running and get some people on board with what they are bringing to the table. The longer that they choose to wait on delivering some content, the more difficult that it could be for them. Given that consumers are paying for content here, they probably want to set a reputation that they aren’t just out to cancel shows outright immediately after ordering them.

Now, let’s get to the action question as to when a Titans season 2 could premiere — think along the lines of fall 2019. That’s the most-likely premiere date just because this is around when season 1 premiered and because of the renewal coming in so early, that may have allowed the writers time to really dive in and look at some of the stories that they want to bring to the table next.

Do we recognize that the second season could take a little bit longer than this? Certainly, mostly because we are in this particular era now where it is taking longer, virtually year after year, for shows to come out. A lot of that is due to more ambitious storytelling, and also all of the different effects that are needed in order to make shows look as strong as humanly possible. There’s a push to have things look and feel at least somewhat cinematic and we certainly do think that this is something that Titans will continue to strive for. It’s already doing a nice job of presenting characters in a fascinating way beyond some preconceived notions — especially for people who only know someone like Robin from the Batman movies alone.

Odds are, more information about a Titans season 2 premiere date is going to come out over the summer. Once there is some more information to report on, we’ll have some of it for you here.

When do you want to see Titans season 2 premiere on DC Universe, and what have you thought about season 1 overall? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments.

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