Marvel’s Runaways season 3 renewal: Will it happen at Hulu?

RunawaysFollowing today’s big premiere, is there a good chance at a Marvel’s Runaways season 3 renewal? In this article, we’re touching on that further.

On paper, we’d love to say that there is — Marvel series often have a big audience, and in particular Runaways is the sort of show that feels like a flagship one for Hulu. While there are times in which we’d question a show premiering so close to Christmas on December 21, we actually do think that there’s some merit to it here. In premiering when it is, the show’s going to have a really-great opportunity to capture much of the market. There aren’t a lot of new options out there for binge-watchers unless they are really far behind in their queue, so maybe this show makes up for the fact that there are so many hiatuses elsewhere.

In the end, though, the big reason for questions here is the uncertainty that is out there in general when it comes to all things Marvel. We’ve already seen the purging of Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist over at Netflix, and when you consider that Marvel’s parent company Disney is prepping their own Disney+ streaming service, it’s easy to make an argument that most of their superhero programming could shift there. That’s the prevailing conspiracy theory, after all, behind the Netflix cancellations as of late.

While the future of Runaways could still go one way or another, there is still a reason for hope here that wasn’t present with the Netflix shows. Disney has a hefty ownership stake in Hulu and that’s something that could expand even more in the months and years to come depending on their strategy. Because of all of this, it makes a little bit of sense for them to want to keep some Marvel programming over there. Our feeling, at least for now, is that they’d love to keep Runaways over there provided that the show continues to be successful and profitable. That’s just a hard thing to really peg from the outside looking in, given the fact that Hulu, like all other major streaming services, does not tend to release any ratings for any of their shows. They like to keep things as hush-hush as humanly possible. There really isn’t any merit to them releasing any of this information to the public.

Rest assured that once we’ve got some more news on the future of Runaways, that is something that we’re going to have for you here. We’re cautiously optimistic, but we’d say that “cautiously” is the main operative word there.

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