Law & Order: SVU, Brooklyn Nine-Nine among Hulu’s most-popular in 2018

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lawWhile streaming services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix don’t publicly disclose information on their ratings, every now and then we do get a few worthy nuggets. This is one of those said times.

Today (via Deadline), Hulu revealed some viewership data from 2018 to date and there are some rather interesting bits of information pointing out. It certainly is rather useful in terms of knowing precisely what subscribers are looking to constantly check out with this particular network.

Most Watched Episode – The season 2 premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale. How shocked can you really be about this? Answer: Probably not all that shocked at all, given the simple fact that this is the streaming service’s most-acclaimed show and it has a dedicated audience.

Favorite Animated Series – There are three that were pointed out in particular in Family Guy, South Park, and Bob’s Burgers — also no surprise here. When it comes to animated comedy, most often viewers tend to flock to some of their TV comfort food. They like shows that they have a particular nostalgia for in one way or another.

Favorite Legal Show – Law & Order: SVU, per the company, had more than 258 million episodes streamed over the course of this past year. We don’t exactly have to tell you that this is a MASSIVE amount of hours that the company relies on the Mariska Hargitay series for. While we certainly do think that it would continue to get streams even if it ended, why not continue to build the library and keep it around for a while?

Top Late-Night Viewings – This, apparently, includes shows watched from 8:00 p.m. until midnight. Once again Bob’s Burgers and Law & Order: SVU are on the list. The same also goes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. More than likely, this is one of the reasons why Hulu was considered a possible suitor for the series after Fox canceled it. (Ultimately, it was NBC who opted to pick the series up for another season.)

When looking at some of the shows that are on this list, it wouldn’t exactly be all that much of a shock in the event that we end up seeing all of them come back on the list at this same time in 2019. When it comes to nostalgia and repeat-viewing habits, we tend to find that a number of things don’t actually change all that much.

What were some of your favorite streaming choices over the course of 2018? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below! (Photo: NBC)

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