Survivor: Edge of Extinction: Discussing the returning players!

Edge of ExtinctionLast night, CBS officially unveiled Survivor: Edge of Extinctionthe 38th season of the show and one featuring returning players. Is this exciting for those who love returnees? Absolutely, even if it is a little bit of a bizarre, arbitrary number for it. Why four?

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Anyhow, below we offer up our take on the four people selected, including sizing up whether or not we think they’ve got a good shot. (At least kudos to the producers for bringing back two men and two women this time — often, women are unjustly ignored when it comes to seasons with just 2-3 returnees.)

Aubry Bracco – She’s a fantastic strategic player and probably more of a challenge competitor than anyone gives her credit for. She’s also got a great track record as one of the better players to never win the game. She easily could’ve won Survivor: Kaoh Rong and she did well in Game Changers. She’s potentially the most dangerous player in the bunch because she makes people feel good about working with her.

David Wright – David’s going to be the biggest target of the bunch. He played the game fairly-recently and beyond that, he has a reputation as a great social and strategic player. To go along with that, he’s not a huge challenge asset. If he can make it through the pre-merge, he could be a big threat down the line … but that could be a challenge.

Joe Anglim – By far, Joe’s the most-capable returning player in terms of challenge ability. He’s someone you want to keep around in order to keep your tribe from having to vote people off. However, he’s also the most-likely boot right after the merge. It’s still hard to imagine how he wins the game because he’s such an obvious threat — he’s basically an even more likable version of Ozzy and the threat level here is always going to be obvious.

Kelley Wentworth – Fantastic player to watch and her game in Cambodia: Second Chance was pretty incredible — she came one vote away from having a really good chance of winning that season. How well she does here could be dependent on how much people remember that season. She’s very dangerous, even though she could be useful before the merge since she’s solid in challenges and likable at camp.

All in all, we don’t love third-time players — yet, these are all people who are fun to watch and root for, so they could be interesting to check out on what is going to be a very different sort of season. There’s still more about the theme to be revealed.

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