Timeless movie trailer promises answers, drama, and so much more

The Timeless movie is coming in just two days — and it’s hard to be anything other than super-psyched to see it! This is the culmination of two seasons of excellent storytelling and our hope here is, by the very end of it, that we’re going to feel like the journey is completely worth it. We’re hoping for something that is fun, moving, and very much in line with what we know and love about this show.

Before we get around to actually seeing the movie on Thursday, though, we do come bearing great news now: The latest trailer all about it! You can check this out below via Entertainment Weekly, and it does suggest that much of the mythology from the first two seasons is now coming to a head. One of the big priorities coming up is obviously going to be the quest to save Rufus, not that this comes as much of a shock given the journey that has brought us to this point and the end of season 2.

Eventually, though, it feels as though Rufus is going to be found — or at least that’s what we’re hoping given his presence in the trailer and on-set during the movie. There is a larger story here, one that will be about Emma, Rittenhouse, and trying to ensure that the fate of the present and the future are secure. We’ve seen future iterations of both Lucy and Wyatt already, but one thing that is worth noting here is that these two are from a very specific version of the future, one that may actually be rather different from the one that we end up seeing if things work out in the team’s favor during the finale. We want to see Rufus saved, for characters to find some sort of happiness, and that there is at least some potential that these characters can move forward into a better, brighter future.

Above all else, we just want to be entertained and we think that Timeless will deliver that. We’re absolutely stoked to be providing all sorts of coverage for the movie come Thursday night, including a full review for the installment and more in terms of what could lie ahead.

What do you want to see when it comes to the Timeless movie, and do you think that this product will live up to some of the expectations that are out there? Share right now in the attached comments.

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