Fuller House season 4 episode 9 review: Fernando’s mother … moves in?

For everyone who loves the Fernando character on Fuller Houseseason 4 episode 9 delivered the greatest showcase for him yet.

The entire premise of this episode was funny, mostly in that we got a chance to meet his mother, and also learned in the process of that why Fernando acts in a lot of ways the way that he does. This is someone who’s clearly had to deal with quite a bit of nonsense over time courtesy of having such a controlling person in his life. He was also completely and utterly terrified of her. He didn’t want to admit to her that he and Kimmy had divorced, or that she was pregnant as a surrogate.

With all of this in mind, Juan Pablo Di Pace’s character concocted a grand scheme in this episode — he acted as though he owned the famous house, that DJ was the maid, and that Kimmy was expecting his baby all as a way to earn her approval. The results of this were both amusing and fairly catastrophic, especially as Fernando’s mom started to move things around and try to accommodate the new arrival. This was ridiculous, but also fairly funny as almost the entire adult family worked to make sure that DJ didn’t know the truth as to what was really going on.

Of course, eventually Fernando’s mom found out and he mustered the courage to actually stand up for the love of his life for a change. While we don’t necessarily think that their world is going to be dramatically different moving forward because of this, we did like how this episode actually gave a window into this character. He’s become one of the best scene-stealers on the entire series.

The good news is that Fernando’s mom came around — and she decided not to move in, as she was planning at one point.

Max’s moment in the sun

Meanwhile, one of DJ’s sons tonight had a little bit of a spotlight thanks to being able to appear on Danny’s morning show with a Rube Goldberg machine that he had designed and worked on meticulously. Yet, after getting a B on a test his entire world started to crumble a little bit. All of a sudden, it started to feel like he was living a lie and he wasn’t perfect at all.

Basically, we saw in this episode Max doing just about everything that he could to ensure that things went perfectly on the air — that didn’t happen, he melted down, but then he was consoled by all of the people who mattered the most: His family. (This is where you insert the “aww sound effects.”)

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, this episode was fun, mostly because of the simple fact that Fernando had such a big story and we got to understand more of what made him tick. Also, isn’t it nice that we are getting to see so much of Bob Saget this season?

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