The Terror season 2: George Takei joins cast, to advice as consultant

The TerrorThe latest news is in when it comes to The Terror season 2, and it shows even further how much the AMC series is striving to create as authentic a series as possible.

According to a report from Deadline, former Star Trek actor George Takei has been on board the new season, set around a Japanese-American internment camp, as a series regular and also a consultant behind the scenes. Takei was imprisoned as a child in one of these camps following America’s involvement in World War II, and that is an experience that worked to shape the remainder of his life. His experience will be useful to producers behind the scenes as they work in order to create as real and authentic a story as possible.

This chapter of American history is an ugly one, but it is a story that does have to be told. It is through reminders of these lessons that we can ensure that these incidents do not happen again in the future.

For those wondering about Takei’s acting role on the series, he is going to play a former fishing captain named Yamato-san, who also happens to be a community elder.

Some of the other actors who have recently joined the anthology series include Kiki Suklezane of Lost in Space, 9-1-1 actor Miki Ishikawa, Shingo Usami, and also Naoko Mori. The new season is set to premiere at some point in 2019, and it s certainly going to be a fascinating batch of episodes with a super-ambitious story at the center of it.

Will this season of The Terror be different than the first?

On the surface, it feels absolutely like that will be the case. It’s a story that is going to be dark, gripping, and in a lot of ways haunting and rather-hard to get through just because of how raw and painful it could be. Yet, the performances here could be on another level as we get to see a number of gifted performers acting out a story that may be personal to them in some way.

Remember here the true message of The Terror, and that is that the horrors of humanity are far more important to recognize than the horrors that exist within the world around them. The real terror within this series could likely just come from the events themselves.

We also do hope that this series receives more awards recognition than season 1 — despite how outstanding it was, it found itself shut out from a number of the major television awards, including the Golden Globes.

What do you think about The Terror season 2 casting George Takei in a significant role? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter in the comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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