Fuller House season 4 episode 8: The vet of the year; Jackson gets drunk

Fuller House season 3 episode 12On Fuller House season 4 episode 8, the Netflix series delivered a story in part around competition … and then also what teenagers do after recognizing that they’ve committed a cardinal sin.

For Jackson, tonight he found himself scrambling for the right way to get out of a drunken stupor. He went to a high-school party, fell into peer pressure, and had too much to drink. In the aftermath of that, he called Fernando, who vowed to keep things a secret in terms of what happened to him. Fernando did his job, but when Jackson misunderstood a conversation happening with DJ in the other room, he blurted out the truth and that Fernando kept his secret for him.

Basically, what this episode gave us from here was a story about parenting, about making the right choice, and also about recognizing that teenagers sometimes do stupid things. Yet, you can’t just let them off the hook without any punishment on the other side of it. DJ ultimately had to do what she felt was right here and that meant her punishing Jackson … and also telling Fernando, at least briefly, to stay out of her family business. That’s before remembering that he was only trying to help ensure Jackson had someone to talk to who wasn’t her and the two got on better terms.

This was a rough episode for Deej in particular, mostly because of the fact that she also lost Vet of the Year to Matt! This was a local competition that she desperately wanted to win, but in the aftermath of it had to endure 1) Matt being super-cocky and 2) nobody at the vet wanting her to be their pet’s doctor. Why would they, when they can go to the vet of the year instead? DJ dealt with some of this and eventually, Matt also apologized for being a jerk.

CarterMatt Verdict

Despite Stephanie not having the biggest story within this particular episode, it actually felt like we did learn more about her in this episode than almost anyone else — including that she thinks that Denny’s are the perfect hangover cure and also that she may actually be bisexual. (Apparently, she at one point had a relationship with a woman — it was said for comedic effect, but it was still said.) This was a sentimental episode for the most part just because it was largely about Jackson growing up and DJ having to be a part of the highs and lows that went along with it.

Also, isn’t it nice to give Juan Pablo Di Pace some serious material every now and then? Fernando is often just established as a goofball so it was actually refreshing to have him be the responsible adult and someone just trying to be a valuable support system for a change.

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