Outlander season 4 episode 7 top actress: Sophie Skelton’s showcase

OutlanderWe know that a lot of people out there have been eager to see Sophie Skelton shine front and center on an Outlander episode. Luckily, we have now officially had that particular opportunity to see it. “Down the Rabbit Hole” was the story of Brianna in ways that we haven’t seen with some other episodes before and it packed a lot of fantastic content in from start to finish.

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The first thing that Skelton needed to pull off within this episode is find a way to grapple with so much emotional material for her character, and then also tackle some weighty scenes featuring the likes of Nell Hudson (Laoghaire) and Tobias Menzies (Frank). These are two formidable actors. It likely took a lot of preparation to bring so many dimensions to the character.

When it comes to her time with Frank, for example, you had a chance to see Skelton play Brianna as the daughter. You saw the kindness and care she had for her father, but also how she wasn’t just willing to bend to his every whim and accept his every thought. This is why she was so upset over hearing that he and Claire were getting divorce! Brianna as a character out of frustration in the moment, much in the way that many people would in the real world.

Meanwhile, in her scenes with Hudson we saw Skelton showcase some of the character’s innate curiosity, while also her refusal to say anything bad about her mother even when she was being called a witch. This allowed us to see her determination and also her bravery, which can of course be seen just by her decision to go through the stones.

The strongest thing about Skelton’s performance

By far, her commitment. She allowed the character to have a wide range of emotions and also the ability to take in much of the world. She made Brianna into someone ready to embrace this world of the past, but also still be aware of its dangers. She likely knew how much enthusiasm there would be around seeing Bree in this particular part of the story and she embraced it. There was something nostalgic about her discovery of this world, and it brought us back to season 1.

This was a great performance by Sophie as a whole, but we also have a feeling that this won’t be the last time we say this before we get to the closing minutes of the finale.

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