Blue Bloods season 9 midseason report card: A look at the Reagans

Blue Bloods season 9

In this edition of our ongoing Midseason Report Card article series, we’re putting the focus solely on Blue Bloods season 9. After all, this is one of our favorite shows to cover!

What we do love about Blue Bloods season 9 is simple: The personal growth. To date, this has really been a season of change. It’s been about seeing characters trying to move forward with their lives rather than just trying to stay the course.

Obviously, the big example to this is Jamie and Eddie. The two got engaged at the end of last season and the writers found a reasonably-clever way to get around the issue of continuing to have them partnered up — they moved them to a new precinct with Jamie serving as the Sergeant. While we do miss the two of them together, we’d rather see Blue Bloods taking a risk than not taking one at all and that is precisely what they did here. They took a chance, hoping that it would pay off for them, and by and large it has. We do think that there are more romantic stories to tell here beyond what we’ve been given, but we’re at least happy that some have been mixed in.

Meanwhile, Erin Reagan has been at the center of a rather-big story herself after she rose up the ranks at the District Attorney’s office. This gave her a chance to take on more responsibility, which is nice, but also not shift too far from what we love with her: Some of the personal stories when it comes to her and Anthony working together. This relationship is one of the best things about Erin’s job and we hope to get more of that.

With Frank, we’d make an argument that it is time for at least a little bit more change, whether it is him taking a more active role in things outside the office or seeing something new in his personal life. This is the storyline most in need of some change, though we do like how we’ve had a chance to see a little bit more of Baker and Garrett so far this season.

Finally, let’s discuss Danny — when Lou Diamond Phillips is around, his story is fantastic since the writers have set up a tremendous conflict with himself and Delgado. However, when Delgado’s not around we find ourselves just wanting more of that story since the things Delgado said are so severe — after all, he and the cartel may be responsible for Linda’s death!

Midseason Verdict

While uneven at times, we do appreciate that Blue Bloods has created some fascinating, ambitious storylines in the upcoming season. We just hope that there are chances to further things along with Danny and also get some more news on Jamie and Eddie’s wedding. Blue Bloods, no matter the story, still is a show like no other and one of network TV’s best. Grade: B+.

What do you think about Blue Bloods season 9 as a whole? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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