Fuller House season 4 episode 5 review: Escaping the escape room

Fuller House season 4Fuller House season 4 episode 5 was, at least for DJ, a blast from the past — and not an entirely-welcome one. This is what tends to happen whenever we end up seeing Gia be a major part of the story.

In this particular episode, Candace Cameron Bure’s character was rather sad to learn that Matt was dating Gia, who has obviously been around in some shape or form since Full House as a thorn in DJ and others’ sides. She wasn’t the nicest person and sometimes, those sort of first impressions are the ones that stick with people the most. It’s ultimately rather-hard for DJ to see past those and understandably so.

Yet, on paper Matt and Gia seemed to function rather well together as they took part in the most awkward of all awkward dates: Going, alongside DJ and Steve, to an escape room. DJ thought she would be okay seeing Matt with someone else and maybe she would have been, if it wasn’t Gia and the two weren’t getting along swimmingly. This is the part of it that really seemed to make her blood boil to a certain extent.

As this episode went along, we only saw things get increasingly crazy as the quest to escape said escape-room led to DJ and Steve being at odds and her lashing out at him … even his own profession as a podiatrist. All of this was odd, but also funny in terms of the escalation of humor. The two did eventually find their way back together and all was forgiven at the end … not that this should be all that much of a surprise.

As for the other storylines…

One of the big highlights of the episode was Stephanie and Kimmy figuring out how their relationship could persevere beyond just Kimmy being a surrogate — after an outburst at a Lamaze class, it wasn’t entirely clear if they were going to be able to come together and get on the same page again.

Meanwhile, Ramona found herself frustrated (and understandably so) after Jackson ended up getting the credit for some of her work organizing a student movement. At first, he welcomed the attention, but realized soon afterwards that there wasn’t something altogether fun about taking the credit for work that he did not do and had no real responsibility over.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 4 episode 5 effectively brought us the first fight of the new DJ – Steve relationship, but in that also presented us with quite an opportunity to see that there is some excellent material that can be mined out of watching the two characters in conflict with each other. Consider this more proof that sometimes, getting characters together on a TV series can be a good thing rather than dragging the will-they-or-won’t-they part of it out forever.

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