Will Outlander season 4 deliver strong ratings through the holidays?

OutlanderRecently, we posted that Starz is planning to air new episodes of Outlander season 4 throughout the holiday season. So, is that a good or bad thing for the series as a whole? That’s something we’re going to get into more in this particular article.

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Let’s start this ratings preview with a little bit of analysis as to why Outlander airing over the holidays could prove beneficial. Is there really that much else for viewers to watch out there? We don’t really think so. There isn’t a whole lot of competition out there other than the holidays themselves, and because the series isn’t airing on either Christmas or New Year’s, we don’t think that it will be in serious danger of losing too many viewers — except maybe for those out there who are traveling to and from various holiday festivities.

Also, there’s another benefit here in not having many hiatuses. Long breaks in the middle of a season can prove frustrating for viewers, especially those who spend a good bit of their hard-earned money in order to subscribe just for this show. It basically means that they may end up having to pay for another month, and we’re glad that Starz isn’t doing that.

Really, the only downside to airing episodes during the holidays is that there may be a little bit less press coverage around — but rest assured, we’ll be here through the remainder of the holiday season to cover Outlander the day in which new episodes came on the air.

Our expectations for season 4 episode 7

Given that tonight’s episode is a hotly-anticipated one when it comes to Roger and Brianna, we do think that it will get at least fairly close to the 1 million viewer mark. We don’t think that it is going to be the most-watched episode of the season (there’s not a lot of evidence that some episodes are going to be topping the premiere) but, at the same time, we are anticipating that it will perform at least reasonably well.

Of course, though, there is one other caveat to think about at the moment in that live+same-day ratings don’t matter too much to Starz as opposed to their overall audience. It matters for the sake of generating publicity and showing that the series can still draw old-school casual viewers. So much as the series is still getting buzz and attention moving towards the future, they will be happy on the other side.

What do you think the holidays are going to do when it comes to Outlander season 4 and its ratings? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Starz.)

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