Freefrom taunts Shadowhunters fans during Toy Story over cancellation

Shadowhunters season 3 spoilersWe have to say that the following headline is not one we ever imagined writing — how in the world did we get to a point where Freeform, or at least someone at the network, uses Toy Story and pop-up windows in order to mock Shadowhunters fans for wanting to save the show?

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For those who have not seen the headlines over the past several hours, what happened is that during a Toy Story airing on Saturday, Freeform showed a POPnKnowledge insert (which are often used to deliver fun trivia or witty commentary) alongside a Magic 8-Ball. The insert read “Will Freeform save Shadowhunters if I keep tweeting about it?”; meanwhile, the 8-Ball read “don’t count on it.” You can see the video of the incident below if you are really so inclined. Basically, the message conveyed here is Freeform laughing at Shadowhunters fans for trying to keep their show alive.

A Freeform network source recently told TVLine that the insert airing during Toy Story was a “mistake,” but the question we wonder is this: Didn’t someone have to write this for the “mistake’ to happen? We wonder if it was some sort of in-office joke that wasn’t meant to actually air on TV and then they forgot to remove it … but the fact that they were doing that in the first place says quite a bit about the network sentiment at the moment towards Shadowhunters fans.

Here’s a reminder of everything that these fans have done over the past few months: Raise tens of thousands of dollars for The Trevor Project, fly airplane banners, purchase billboard advocating for more episodes, and also win awards at both the Teen Choice Awards and the People’s Choice Awards. These fans have basically generated at sorts of publicity for the show, which still has another twelve episodes to air over on Freeform, without the network paying for any of it. Even if they are planning to cancel the show, shouldn’t they at least appreciate the possible ratings bump that Shadowhunters fans are bringing to them?

Apparently, not so much. The fact that this managed to get on the air shows a disregard to the series’ fans and ultimately just extremely poor form. It’s one thing for television to be a business, and sometimes you make business decisions that fans do not appreciate. It’s another thing altogether to then taunt said fans for the fact that their show has not been picked up for any more episodes after the initial cancellation. Why do this? What good does it do? More than anything, it speaks towards the heartless nature of the TV business sometimes and a lack of gratitude sometimes to the fans who are responsible for making shows successful in the first place.

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Do you think that Freeform should, at the very least, apologize for what they did here? Be sure to share below. (Photo: Freeform.)

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