Fuller House season 4 episode 4 review: Sunshine Stephanie + American Ninja Warrior

Fuller HouseFuller House season 4 episode 4 was a story all about gifts — and also about someone trying to deliver the gift of song.

This particular episode on Netflix introduced us to a new and particularly-funny character in Sunshine Stephanie, who seriously misjudged what young kids were going to like out of their party entertainment. We don’t know why she thought singing about vegetables was going to be a good idea but spoiler alert: This wasn’t a good idea at all. She got booed off the stage and she’s going to have to take a little bit of time in order to figure out if there is a better way for her to move forward in her musical career.

Elsewhere, the bulk of this episode was the story of DJ and Steve as the two did their best in order to commemorate a two-week anniversary … which really isn’t actually a think. Instead, Fernando and Kimmy decided that they wanted to live vicariously through this relationship and decided that they wanted to do just about everything within their power to ensure that they went bigger and bigger on some of the gifts. First, Fernando encouraged DJ to give her a bear and some flowers, which led to Kimmy convincing DJ to give him the largest sandwich known to mankind. Meanwhile, Fernando then set up a fake version of American Ninja Warrior in the living room in order for her to test her skills … and then at this point, they started to feel like it was a little much.

At the end of the episode, Steve showed DJ the very first note that they shared in high school — a reminder that sometimes, the little things do matter more than the big gifts. (Fernando certainly doesn’t see it this way, but did you really expect for him to? That’s not really his thing.)

The latest from Ramona

Does she have any friends? Most of this episode was a struggle for her to meet them, as she continued to find a way to get ghosted by some of the cool kids in the neighborhood. She tried to impress them, and then Kimmy’s attempts to tell them off didn’t go particularly well, either. At the end of the episode, though, Ramona did end up getting through to them while Stephanie took some of the popular girls to task. This was so much more of her actual personality than what we got from Sunshine Stephanie a little bit earlier on in the episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 4 episode 4 was larger-than-life, but this was also probably the funniest episode of the season. Anytime that you can throw Fernando and Kimmy into the mix in terms of character relationships, we’re going to be satisfied with the end result. Also, we love the little homages to TV shows that the producers are bringing into the mix this year.

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