Timeless movie promo officially released; the ‘final’ adventure begins

This afternoon, NBC has released the first promo (finally!) for the upcoming Timeless movie — and it’s awesome. Did you really expect anything else?

Over the course of this promo, you do get a lot of content despite a fairly-limited run time. There is the quest to save Rufus, the return of Emma once more as a villain, and also an opportunity to see some holiday festivities thrown in there as well. You’ve also got a little bit of time-travel and period costumes, which have always been at the forefront of what makes this show so grea.t

While we are among those who is hoping to see somehow more of this series down the line, NBC is making it pretty clear in this promo that this is their last hurrah for the show — while they don’t utter the words “series finale” by name, it’s pretty darn clear that this is what they are implying with the frequent reminders that this is the “final mission.” We don’t blame the network for operating with this particular strategy, mostly because they clearly want for this to be the end and they don’t want to create any false hope otherwise. They did give us the movie, so we’re at least grateful for that … whatever hope there is for more of the series can be figured out on the other side of this.

As for right now, the #1 thing on our Christmas list for Timeless is just that we get a chance to sit back and enjoy an action-packed and heartfelt two-hour event that encapsulates what makes this show better than almost any other. We’re hoping for there to be a lot of humor, a number of heartfelt moments, and also a sense of adventure and imagination that has made this show so inspirational for many. This is a movie that was made by the fans who fought for it to happen, and as of right now, the most important thing is just that we get a chance to celebrate these characters and their stories one last time … at least for now.

The movie airs on NBC Thursday, December 20 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Be sure to watch it live, since that is the thing that could hypothetically help its future more so than anything else.

What do you think about this new promo, and are you infinitely more hyped than you were even before to see this movie in action? Be sure to share in the attached comments.

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