The Flash season 5 spoilers: A flashback episode … in the future?

Flash season 5 episode 2While the idea of a flashback episode in the future may sound a little bit strange, that is precisely what we are getting moving into the second half of The Flash season 5. That’s critical, given the way that the 100th episode ended — after all, we learned that Nora West-Allen has been having some sort of relationship in her own timeline with Eobard Thawne! While she doesn’t appear to be evil by any means, at the same time she’s in a position where some of her actions may be influenced by the behavior of a not-so-good person who wants nothing more than The Flash’s destruction.

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Speaking via TVLine, show executive producer Todd Helbing made it clear that there is going to be a “flash-forward flashback episode” coming up at some point in the new year, one that will help to explain “how all that came to be, which will be a lot of fun … You’ll slowly start to get the pieces of info that you need, but there will probably be one episode where we explain how that all happened to get her to come back [in time].”

At the moment, we feel like the best thing to happen with The Flash is us getting some sort of opportunity to understand Nora separate from her parents. For most of the season, she’s existed mostly just as a way to drive story between herself, Barry, and Iris — we’ve gotten to see some tension explored here when it comes to Barry Allen’s disappearance but we still want to see some more information about Nora herself. What decisions did she make in the future when it comes to Eobard, and why did she make them? These are choices that could prove important far beyond just this season, and we certainly do think that there’s a lot to be mined from this.

Of course, there is also a part of us that does want to see Barry go to the future and confront Eobard himself … but he may not be in much of the mess-with-time game these days following the events of Flashpoint. After you go through something like what he did there, you really do have to think that you’ve learned to not cause any similar troubles for anyone moving into the future.

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