Timeless movie: Will the first official promo be coming soon?

For everyone excited to see the Timeless movie, rest assured that we’re right there with you! We just also wish that there was some sort of promo out there to show further our enthusiasm…

So where is the first promo for the movie? That is certainly something to wonder about at the moment, given that we are now only six days away from it happening. Originally, there were talks about the first promo airing last night but unfortunately, that didn’t come to pass. It feels like there has to be at least some footage ready for the event now … right?

We’ve already wondered about why we’re not getting much in the way of promotion for the movie in terms of on-network coverage, and we’re sure that some of that may have to do with how tight the production window for it is. Filming for these episodes only recently wrapped up, and now it’s airing in just a matter of days! Yet, we do also wonder on some level just how much incentive NBC really has in making some sort of enormous publicity push for it. Let’s just put things this way — there really isn’t all that much of a need for them to push for it, given that this seems to be mostly a series finale (at least for them). The official Twitter account is now over at the studio in Sony and it seems mostly like the movie was made in order to please most of the fans out there eager for some sort of closure.

We just hope that there’s at least some chance over the coming days for Timeless fans to get prepared and hyped up for the movie — also, we do at least want to see some casual fans made aware of the fact that it’s happening. After all, this is really the only way to ensure that there’s at least a chance the ratings rise or a season 3 / other movies happen down the line. It takes a large, far-reaching campaign, and while grassroots can work, why not have as much promotional support as possible along the way?

Of course, we will continue to have plenty of promotion on this end for the Timeless movie, really the moment that there is more content available to report.

When do you want to see the promo for the Timeless movie air on NBC, and what do you want to see during it? Be sure to share right now in the comments!

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