Floribama Shore season 2 episode 18 preview: Prepare for Cabo!

Floribama ShoreTonight on Floribama Shore season 2 episode 18, you are going to have a chance to see the cast and crew taking off to a new location: Cabo! There is still something very amusing about the idea of vacation on this show, largely because we are watching them effectively take a vacation from the vacation that is their everyday lives.

So why go to Cabo? Our feeling is just that this is where there are some great parties, and somewhere that MTV clearly had permission to film. It is a nice way to get a bump in tourists, though at the same time we don’t necessarily think that the region really needed it, either.

In a new sneak peek for tonight’s new episode (watch over at this link), some of the cast member are informed for the first time that Cabo could be a great destination for them. With that being said, it’s also clear that not everyone is even altogether aware of where Cabo is, let alone what you do there. The same also apparently goes for another big Mexico tourist destination in Cancun.

The idea of bringing these cast members to some other places is pretty simple — it gives them a chance to have some fun in a new metaphorical playground, one where there are new story possibilities and also fun segments that can be filmed. A big part of what makes these trips so effective is the fish-out-of-water element of it. You have a lot of people on this show that are probably not particularly used to traveling to other countries and with that, there’s an opportunity for a lot of humor here! You’ll probably see the editors play a lot of that up through various segments and montages … though we think the bulk of the show will still be about the relationships between the cast members.

As we do inch closer to the end of this season, one of the most important stories to follow is clearly going to be the state of things between Gus and Nilsa. There are a lot of feelings there but, at the same time, their level of commitment to it may be very much different. This is a conflict that could explode once the two get in another country — though, of course, it’s also possible that this brings them further together in some sort of odd way.

Check out some more details below for what’s coming:

Aimee pulls out all the stops to help Nilsa get over the fact that Gus “brung another girl home.” Candace struggles to come up with the right way to tell Gator how she feels. And Kortni notices a change in Jeremiah since she opened up to him. Faced with the prospect of “Bike Week” in PCB, the cast makes alternative plans.

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