NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 10 review: Dealing with death

Tick Tock

Tonight, NCIS: New Orleans season 5 episode 10 managed to conclude the first half of the season — and with a story that will get your blood racing and your heart pumping. It may also cause some tears.

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After all, Pride found himself captured in the opening minutes of this installment by a private intelligence group, one that did just about everything in order to torment the character. They captured Cassius and Loretta Wade and soon after that, did everything that they could in order to ensure that he followed their orders. If that didn’t happen, one of them would die. He was guided by a mysterious, powerful voice who basically had eyes and ears on him everywhere.

Beyond just that, this same voice ended up leading to Pride having to let loose Amelia, the very woman who was responsible for almost murdering him at the end of last season. She was dangerous and he knew it, but for a time, he had no choice but to work with her since she presumably had the information that the group needed. Yet, she also did still have an ax to grind with Pride and all of these tensions came to a head at the conclusion of the episode. This private group and the mysterious voice led Pride in a chaotic trap of sorts, one where Amelia’s family was in danger and things quickly descended into chaos on the other side of it.

The good news is that Loretta got away soon after Pride’s arrival to the compound where they were held hostage … mostly because Cassius encouraged her to run for it. He covered for her, and then he went back in for his son. He knew that there was still a lot of danger in that compound as he was looking for the source of the voice and beyond just that, Amelia was still there. There was a moment in here where Cassius worried for Pride as he was about to open a door, knowing that nothing good was on the other side. What he didn’t realize was that this would be his own demise.

In the closing minutes tonight Amelia shot Pride’s father, and in turn, Pride killed Amelia. She’s gone, but it seems like the source of all of this chaos and death is still out there. Pride was left to watch the Angel of Death take his father away in the closing minutes and it’s fair to say that this was heartbreaking and then some.

Also, we do have a great cliffhanger, given the fact that the mystery voice is, presumably, still out there. Pride’s also going to have a little bit of vengeance on his mind…

CarterMatt Verdict

A devastating fall finale for Pride, but this was another reminder that this show is really doing an incredible job with some of these big creative swings. This season is holding nothing back and we’re all the better for it. It’s hard to lose a character and while the villain is still perhaps a little too ambiguous, we appreciate the show’s bravery and its willingness to explore Pride’s difficult relationship with death.

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