True Detective season 3 trailer: Why this case could be Wayne Hays’ last

True DetectiveHBO has released their second True Detective season 3 trailer leading up to the show’s January 13 launch, and this one is a great reminder of some of what this series does best. There are some fascinating story teasers mentioned in here, some cryptic dialogue, and a case that ends up overwhelming one of the people responsible for solving it.

This time around, that person is none other than Wayne Hays (Mahershala Ali), a detective from within the Ozarks who finds himself stuck on a case that has taken roost in his brain for decades. He hasn’t been able to shake it, and judging from some of the questions that he’s asked in an interview portion of the trailer, it has resulted in multiple fatalities over time. The similarity between this season and the first one is rather clear, mostly in that both feature a story that spans decades as characters struggle to get a grip on the impact that it has on their lives. It makes sense for creator Nic Pizzolatto to go back to the format of the first season on some level, given that this season was a complete and utter success. Meanwhile, the second season was buried in its own sense of self-seriousness and it struggled to really ever get past it.

The best thing that season 3 has going for it on the surface is Ali, an exceptional actor who will likely bring all sorts of weight and gravity to this part. It’s a chance for him to explore this character, his troubles, his heartbreak, and some of the many things that he has learned about himself along the way.

We hope that this is a bounce-back season for the show, mostly because HBO is better when there’s a wide range of programming on it. Also, don’t we all want really incredible television? This could be one of the strongest things on premium cable in early 2019, especially since Outlander and Ray Donovan will be tying up their runs. We need a different hit that is worth gravitating towards on some level. Also, a good season 3 raises the chance for a season 4, though we don’t exactly think that this is something that the network really should be rushing along at this particular point in time. Just go with the story that you’ve got and give everyone time to come up with another great one down the line.

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What do you think about this new True Detective season 3 trailer — does it make you more or less excited to check out some of the stories that are coming up after the fact? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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