NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 10 review: What’s in the box?

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 finaleTonight, NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 episode 10 brought us a story in “Heist” that, despite the fairly-simplistic title, was actually so much more complicated than it first seemed.

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Let’s just start off this episode with a reminder that things are a little bit chaos at the moment at the NCIS office. After all, Special Prosecutor Rogers was running around the office and causing a lot of chaos / paranoia for the team. Nobody likes to constantly look over their shoulder thinking that they are about to get into some trouble.

This eventually brings us to the case of the week — a very bizarre heist that took place at a bank, one that didn’t feature your typical robbers. The people responsible for the heist were pretty polite and there wasn’t all that much that was actually stolen from them. So, what was really going on here? This was actually more about information and influence than valuables when the dust settles, and also about two countries in Saudi Arabia and Iran who were constantly interested in getting a leg up on each other. The box at the center of the case actually wasn’t altogether important. Instead, it was a little bit more about trying to cause paranoia within the US so that Saudi Arabia could stay on the country’s good side over Iran.

Was this case the most noteworthy of the season? We wouldn’t say so, largely because it does feel weird that we’re living in this NCIS: Los Angeles world where there is no familiar boss character. Yet, simultaneously there was something rather fun that came via seeing Rogers involved in the elaborate chase scene at the end as Sam and Callen tracked down some of the responsible parties. Let’s just say that Rogers was rather freaked-out at how fast Sam and Callen were driving.

Is Deeks’ bar named the Blowhole?

We’re not sure about that, but this was a rather-amusing sideplot throughout the episode as Eric Christian Olsen’s character could not quite figure out what he wanted to name the bar. The Blowhole was one of the last suggestions of the night, but we have a hard time thinking that this is going to stick.

CarterMatt Verdict

We are still missing Hetty greatly, but we know that Linda Hunt is recovering and the series is trying its best when it comes to its revolving door at the top. “Heist” actually did have some moments and the storyline revolving around Saudi Arabia was probably even more relevant than the writers knew back when they were putting this together. We can’t say that this was the strongest overall story this season, but at least there were some good Sam / Callen chase sequences and Deeks’ bar brought us a laugh. (Also, the infamous Densi box was mentioned for the first time in ages!)

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