Magnum PI episode 10 video: Magnum, Higgins go undercover!

Magnum PI episode 4After a short hiatus Magnum PI episode 10 is arriving on CBS Monday night, and judging from the new promo we could be in for a rather-good time. We really hope so, especially since we’re almost at the end of new episodes for the series’ 2018 run. (Rest assured, there are 20 episodes coming for this season as a whole.)

So what is actually happening in this episode? Based on the promo below, Magnum and Higgins going undercover as a couple could be one of the big highlights? The rapport between these two characters has been one of the series’ greatest strengths, especially when you think about the debate as to whether or not there is any romantic tension between the two. We’ve certainly heard from people who ‘ship the two together, whereas there are plenty others who like them just as friends.

Either way, we don’t really think that this impacts one’s overall enjoyment of this episode one way or another. What really matters here more so than anything else is that we get a really fun case from start to finish here and it’s something that shows off the full range of what the writers can pull off here.

As for some of what else is coming within this Magnum PI episode, be prepared for a personal story for Rick, as well, as we’re going to have a chance to Jamie-Lynn Sigler stop by as his crush, Toni. As it turns out, though, she’s not exactly a model citizen given that she runs an illegal poker game … and it was robbed by gunmen in masks. Magnum is going to find a way to help Toni while, in the process, we’re also going to get a chance to learn more about Rick. This is the episode where Psych actor Corbin Bernsen is going to be appearing as Icepick, a father-figure sort of character for Rick who carries with him some really interesting (and complicated) life experience.

Prepare for this episode to be a good time, but more than that, prepare for it to flesh out the world a little bit more just like some of the other personal stories have this season. The promo also suggests that this case is going to culminate with a shootout at sea, one that is going to feature Katsumoto questioning whether or not it is a good idea to have all of these characters involved. After all, we are still talking about private citizens — even if they are private citizens who are incredibly trained and very-much good at what it is that they do.

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