The Simpsons season 30 episode 11 return date hopes on Fox

Alf ClausenFollowing tonight’s new episode, are you interested in learning The Simpsons season 30 episode 11 return date? Rest assured, we’ve got more on that within this piece!

Let’s start things off here with a reminder that there is, certainly, quite a bit more story to tell when it comes to the series. How could there not be? The Simpsons is used to telling stories over the course of long seasons and it absolutely feels like there is still all sorts of good stuff still to come. It also feels clear that tonight’s episode is the last one of the year given that it is holiday-themed — and what better way to close out the year than a story themed around Christmas? (The unfortunate thing entering the new year is that The Simpsons won’t be consistently aided anywhere near as much by airing after NFL programming.)

While there is no officially-confirmed return date for The Simpsons at present, the safe bet at the moment is that it will come back in early January. There’s no real reason to push the premiere beyond that, other than maybe wanting to steer clear of the Golden Globes for the first week of the year. There are some very-good reasons to roll out a number of new episodes in the early going, with one of the biggest ones being a simple desire in order to 100% ensure you take advantage of the colder months when there are not anywhere near as many viewers around. You’re also probably going to take some weeks off in February given that you’ve got the Super Bowl, the Oscars, and some other events in there that are even more competition than you’re getting with the Golden Globes.

In these return-date articles we do like to offer at least some speculation on the future of the given show beyond the current season … but is there even anything to worry about here with The Simpsons? Not so much. This is the longest-running comedy of its kind out there and it’s all just about how long the producers and the network want to keep it around at this point. Clearly, it continues to make a ton of money even with slightly lower ratings over the past few years — its status as a syndication beast is probably a big part of that. We do hope that we get some advance notice on whenever it does end, but that’s not something that we’re really going to spend a lot of time thinking about over the next month or so waiting for the series to come back.

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