Dynasties season 2 renewal: Will it happen at BBC One?

DynastiesFollowing tonight’s finale on BBC, is it possible that a Dynasties season 2 renewal will be coming in the near future? That is the focus of this very article!

We certainly do understand why there will be some interest in getting to see more of the series. After all, the nature documentary features almost everything that you could want — beautiful visuals, fascinating animals, and also the presence of Sir David Attenborough, the sort of living legend who can draw viewers just on name alone.

When you think about the mere subject matter alone, it’s clear that there is certainly room for there to be more Dynasties in the future. After all, how can there not be? We’re talking here about a show about nature, and we certainly don’t think nature is ever going to be in short supply. There will always be relevant subject matter to be touched on and explored here, provided of course that there is an interest via the show’s producers, Attenborough, and the BBC in continuing.

At the moment, the future of Dynasties in particular is unclear. Yet, at the same time, there is reason to have faith that in some shape or form, the productions featuring Attenborough and the BBC are going to continue. How can they now, given that you are talking here about series that are enormously successful and, largely from start to finish, they have fascinated the entire world over? We really think that the future of the BBC’s wildlife documentaries depends mostly on what they want to put on the air and when they want to do it. While it may seem like a challenge to deliver something that we have not quite seen before, we don’t actually think it’s that hard when you just think about the sheer mass of species and regions out there. Season 1 of Dynasties, after all, focused mostly on five episodes.

Hopefully, we’ll get some more insight regarding the future of the BBC and their nature shows at some point when we get a little bit further on into 2019. For now, it feels like the right thing to do is just enjoy the show and prepare ourselves for some rather outstanding content down the road, whenever Attenborough and the remainder of his team have another solid idea.

Even after Dynasties finishes its own run, it is still worth noting that this is the sort of series that will live on for some time. Think in terms of DVD sales, repeats, and then also digital streams to go along with all of it.

Do you want to see a Dynasties season 2 renewal happen at some point in the near future? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the attached comments. (Photo: BBC.)

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