Blindspot season 4 episode 9 video: How far will Weller go for Jane?

Blindspot season 4As we look towards Blindspot season 4 episode 9 airing on NBC on January 11, there is something very romantic about it. Yet, this is also Blindspot, so it’s clear that there is also something very violent about it in equal measure.

Let’s start things off here with what happened at the end of the fall finale, which makes sense given that the promo for 4×09 below doesn’t really offer up too much more insight. Weller has determined at this point that he is desperate enough to bring Jane back that he is willing to risk Remi in the process. He’s in the midst of a difficult gambit, but he also recognizes at this point that having Remi out there doesn’t really do anyone good. After all, she wants him and much of the FBI dead, for starters, and the idea of her working with Shepherd is really scary for just about everyone involved. The damage that they could inflict to much of America is such that it is worth trying to find a way to put a stop to things before they start.

The promo and the end of last night’s episode do suggest that there is some sort of hyper-violent confrontation coming with Remi on one side and Weller on the other, and it is certainly possible that this could be accurate. Yet, we have a hard time envisioning that everything within this promo is necessarily 100% accurate like it seems. After all, we’re not sure that seeing Jane and Weller duking it out is necessary something that is palatable for a number of long-time fans of the series. Someone could certainly interrupt them before things get deadly; or, Weller could end up getting some reinforcements in some capacity.

We’ve said this before and we’ll certainly said it again — we do think that it is valuable to get Jane on the show at some point before the end of this season. Is there a few weeks’ worth of story still out there for Remi in theory? Sure, but the Jane / Weller dynamic is one of the most important parts of the series and the more that we can bring that back (or at least push things in that direction), the better off that this series is probably going to be in the end. We especially mean that in the midst of the show trying to fight for a season 5 renewal, which is not something that we are necessarily banking on given the current state of the show’s ratings. To date, they are down versus season 3 but there’s still plenty of time for improvement.

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