If Blue Bloods season 10 happens, Tom Selleck, cast will need new deals

Blue Bloods season 9

While we are rather-confident that we’re going to see a Blue Bloods season 10 happen at some point down the line, there may need to be a few hoops jumped through in order to get us there.

Speaking recently to CBS 58, series star Tom Selleck confirmed that, as of last month, none of the core cast members were officially signed on to do a tenth season as of yet. While that may sound a little bit startling on the surface, it’s actually not all that much of a big deal right now. Typically, most cast members sign contracts for six or seven years upon joining a show, and then after that they tend to negotiate on an annual or semi-annual basis. A lot of it depends on each actor’s desire to continue the show, the monetary value of the contract, studio demands, or other factors. Television is of course long work, and it requires long hours and sometimes cast members being displaced from their friends and family. Not every cast member on Blue Bloods is originally from New York, after all, and production typically last from July until the middle the spring. There’s a little break in there, but it’s not an extremely-long one in comparison to some other shows. The last thing we want to do is take the series for granted.

Selleck makes it clear in the interview that he enjoys doing the show and would like to keep it going, and that’s the first encouraging sign here given that he is the metaphorical head of the class. He’s the person who in some ways sets the tone, and it would hard to imagine the show being quite the same without him. One of the strengths of Blue Bloods to date has been the ability to keep the majority of the Reagan family around. While we have seen some departures over the years including Jennifer Esposito and Amy Carlson, the core members of the Reagan family have remembered the same. While one of Danny’s sons is now off to college, we consider the core of the series to be Danny, Jamie, Erin, and Frank more so than anyone else. We do throw Eddie and Henry in there on some level, as well, given that the two characters are very much involved in law enforcement. (There are also other people like Baez, Baker, Garrett, Gromley, and Anthony, who we also cherish very much and would hate to see ever depart the series.)

Do you want to see Blue Bloods come back for a season 10, especially with the entirety of the core cast still around? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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