Saturday Night Live preview: Expectations for Jason Momoa, Mumford & Sons

Saturday Night LiveThis weekend’s new episode of Saturday Night Live is almost here, and we don’t think we need to tell you that there’s a lot to like.

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The most appealing thing from the get-go here is the host. Aquaman star Jason Momoa is taking on the gig for the first time and the thing that makes us the most excited is simply how excited he is. This is a guy who is clearly super-stoked to be able to take the honor on and has a lot of energy for it. It’s not often that a promo for an episode of this show makes us laugh, but both the original one (view here) did along with the new one featuring Leslie Jones and Mumford & Sons below. Everyone, from Momoa to the musical guest, seem to be on board with this being a really fun, creative edition of the show.

So what do we actually expect? Given that Alec Baldwin just turned up as Donald Trump, we’ve got a hard time thinking that this is going to be something that happens again for a cold open tonight. Yet, we do think that there will be something political in the first ten or so minutes given the latest in the Muller investigation. After that, it feels like a sure thing that we’ll see either a spoof of Aquaman or Game of Thrones, which is Jason’s other big TV credit. Even though he was only a part of the first season of that show as Drogo, he remains to this day one of the most-memorable characters.

Beyond just that, there’s also just some joy / potential that will come from seeing the guy play somewhat against type. We know him to be this big, strong, commanding presence and with that, we’d really like to see the character come out and do something that was softer and more vulnerable. Wouldn’t it be fun for him to play someone meek or insecure in a sketch?

Above all else, one of the things that we always like to say in regards to first-time hosts is simply this: It’s not 100% essential for you to be the star of every single sketch. What matters more than anything else is that you find a way to blend in with the rest of the cast and feel like a natural component to the comedy they bring. This is probably why last week’s episode with Claire Foy was a little better than our early expectations for it.

What do you want to see on Jason Momoa’s episode of Saturday Night Live? Be sure to sound off right now with some of your thoughts below! (Photo: NBC.)

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