Gotham season 5 video: Why the city needs the Dark Knight

Fox has just unveiled its latest Gotham season 5 promo and after watching this, one thing feels abundantly clear: This city is going to need Batman at some point before too long.

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The new promo below for the upcoming January 3 premiere comes courtesy of the fine folks over at IGN and this one certainly teases quite a bit of drama. For starters, you get a good sense here on the United States governments’ philosophy towards Gotham as a whole — they’ve basically given up on it and are allowing it to be completely overrun with some of the worst villains and people known to mankind. They seem to be fine with watching it suffer and fall, mostly because it’s either have that happen or weaken the country itself. There are villains now in control of it and presumably hundreds of thousands of innocent people stuck.

This is a dying city, and unfortunately, we’re really at the point of no return when it comes to things just reverting back to normal. Gotham is going to need something better, something greater, whether we are talking about the GCPD, Bruce Wayne, or some other hero. Unfortunately, Batman is still many years off so for most of season 5, we could be seeing a series that features heroes in survival mode. They have to survive right now in order to save it later.

With the final season having so much ambition behind it start to finish, we’re anticipating that the writers are going to leave everything on the table. There are twelve episodes coming on Gotham season 5, and be prepared to see all sorts of good, meaty stuff in here in between new villains (Bane), a new challenger for Gordon, and also the return of some popular recurring players, including Cameron Monaghan as Jeremiah.

If you’ve enjoyed just about every season of Gotham to date, there’s a really good chance that you’re also going to love this. After all, it feels like this is going to be a rather-excellent culmination of everything that you’ve had a chance to see with this series over the years, whether it be great villains to iconic moments and a fresh take on a beloved franchise that we’ve seen done in a wide array of ways in the past. Let’s just hope now that this final season ends up living up to some of the hype in our head.

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