Blindspot season 4 fall finale: The Remi vs. Weller showdown

Blindspot season 4Tonight, the Blindspot season 4 fall finale featured Remi in some ways at the height of her powers. She was doing trying to pretend to be Jane and with that in mind, she was ready and willing to embrace her darker, more violent side … even if that meant hurting some people in the process from the FBI.

Yes, that even included Weller. After hearing Weller’s teary phone message to Jane where he told her that he loved her dearly, there was nothing more heartbreaking than seeing Remi then shoot at his car after working to free Shepherd. (Yep, that’s going to be a problem down the road — but great for characters on this show that love themselves some drama.)

Most of the first part of this episode was all about Remi formulating a plan in order to ensure that Shepherd could be rescued — she did that, but there were some other problems that came along the way. For starters, Remi was seeing and feeling things that weren’t quite there anymore. She was still deluded into thinking that Roman was actually somewhere out there still alive when that was not actually the case. This episode was super-emotional because we were watching this character break … even if she wasn’t someone particularly likable. That scene with Remi tormenting Shepherd and trying to force her to see her point of view, even though it was false, proved to be all sorts of dramatic.

Moving forward, are Remi and Shepherd still going to move forward as partners? That seems to be the plan for now, largely due to the fact that they don’t have many other options. They may have to find a way to move forward as a team.

As we approached the end of the episode, it was certainly clear that finding Remi was at the top of the wishlist for most of the FBI … but especially Weller. As we move forward into the second half of the season, it’s clear more than ever that Weller is going to push forward and try to get Jane back. As a matter of fact, he’s willing to risk her life in order to get some of those memories back.

Now, here’s your big cliffhanger — the FBI team using Remi’s visions of Roman against her, leading her into what was effectively a trap. Weller showed up at the meeting spot know that Remi would show up and after that, the two engaged in a violent showdown. This episode concluded with the two characters more or less at war — we’ll have to see what happens next!

As for other notable news…

The showdown between Zapata and Reade finally came to a head. Reade, after tracking her down, made it clear that she was either going to be arrested or one of them was going to be shot.

Meanwhile, did anyone else feel for Rich Dotcom after having to deliver some tough news to one of the people he cared about the most … at least before he proved himself to be just a prankster? Basically, this was Rich being Rich.

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