Vikings season 5 episode 13 preview: Ivar’s sacrifice plan

Vikings - IvarComing up on Vikings season 5 episode 13 next week, Ivar is going to consider yet another power play. This time around, it has a thing or two to do with making a sacrifice. Ivar wants what he wants and most of it revolves around his grand displays of power. A sacrifice is par for the course for him, especially when it comes to making it on a huge public scale. He needs to keep his people in check and what better way to do that then with fear and a sacrifice to the gods?

As brutal and violent as this moment may be, it does feel like far from the only notable thing that is going to happen within this episode. When it comes to Heahmund, he is going to do everything that he can to bring some of his new-found allies to his side and also King Alfred’s side — though this may mean some of them making a big show of loyalty and moving in part against their own faith. This is going to be a fascinating story that hopefully gives us a better understanding on some of these characters’ viewpoint of religion and also what they are willing to do in order to ensure their own long-term safety.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the full Vikings season 5 episode 13 synopsis with some other information on what’s ahead:

Heahmund must convince King Alfred that his actions are in defense of the crown; Ubbe and Torvi strengthen the position of the Vikings, but not all in the Viking camp support their strategy; another settler disappears in Iceland.

There’s going to be a lot of different content that unfolds within this episode but the largest takeaway appears to be simple this: You’re going to have an opportunity to witness a lot of chaos in this episode … and we’re hoping that a lot of it ends up being entertaining. Ivar is mostly the focal point of the promo, and we do understand that given that his story is clearly the flashiest. After all, that’s what happens when you’ve got him surrounded by followers, shouting and flaunting his power for all to see. Yet, is there a vulnerability coming in there with Ivar’s cockiness? He does often think many steps ahead but when you are in the position that he’s in, sometimes it takes just one’s own ego to be your own downfall. If you do that, you are setting yourself up, in the end, for a collapse like no other.

No matter what happens on Vikings season 5 episode 13 next week, the biggest takeaway we’ve got is this: Someone is going to feel some pain.

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