Is Luke James leaving STAR after season 3 fall finale? Noah’s revelation

STAR season 3 episode 2There was a moment when it comes to the STAR season 3 fall finale where we thought there would be a certain degree of peace. After all, Star welcomed her baby and everything could have been right with the world. Also, we found out that Noah was the father and he was ready to try to figure something out there.

Also, we had a holiday celebration, a dinner, and someone potentially being murdered at said dinner. Who knew Ruby had so much power in those green beans? Murder by green beans has to be one of the more fascinating ways to get rid of someone that we’ve had a chance to see yet. This also may go down as one of the most iconic moments of the series, even if it didn’t happen to a major character who’s been a part of the vast majority of episodes. It’s just the combination of things here whether it be the playing of “Silent Night,” the actual act of the poisoning, of the visual of the guy on the floor.

Crazy as this may be to us personally, this may not actually be the thing that everyone is talking about from the end of the fall finale — instead, it’s the idea we could see the end of Noah based on that car accident that took place. Right when he’s starting to think that he can move forward and actually be a father, something terrible of course happens that could keep it from going down. From a storytelling standpoint, we get it since this is the sort of twist that could fundamentally shake up a show. For Star herself, this would also clearly put her life in a rather interesting, delicate, and complicated place.

What we do have to wonder now is whether or not the producers would really be so cruel as to wipe Noah out of the series right now, and we like to think that there’s at least a small bit of hope for a return down the line. (Yet, we don’t want to say that we feel altogether good about anything just yet with this show.)

Did the STAR fall finale achieve its goal?

We’d say so, given that the #1 objective here was to always craft some sort of conclusion that would leave people talking and speculating over whatever the future could hold. We’d say at the moment that this accomplished that and then some while also at least getting the paternity question officially answered.

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What did you think about the STAR season 3 fall finale as a whole, and some of what transpired at the end of the hour? Be sure to share right away in the attached comments! (Photo: Fox.)

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