Chicago Med season 4 episode 9 review: Will, Natalie’s wedding-day woes

Chicago Med
Tonight on Chicago Med season 4 episode 9, what we saw was a situation that can be best described with one word: Heartbreaking.

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There’s no point of beating around the bush here, as the closing minutes of the finale revealed that Will and Natalie did not end up getting married. Instead, what we ended up seeing over the course of this episode was a situation in which Will only made it to the venue in order to reveal that he was being taken into protective custody and that he would tell her everything about what happened down the road. If only Natalie knew, perhaps all of this could have been avoided. This goes back to our real frustration with much of this storyline. While it may be true that Will was bound to not say anything, why not do so anyway? If he trusts Natalie enough to marry her, couldn’t he have trusted her to keep this a secret? In turn, couldn’t they have held back on the wedding until all of this was over?

Will was late getting to the wedding ceremony because earlier in the episode Ray’s stooges discovered that he was the party responsible for bugging his place. He was the mole on the inside and the only thing (ironically) that saved Will’s life was Ray almost losing his. Because of this medical crisis, he was able to buy some time treating Ray so that Jay Halstead, (with the help of Connor Rhodes) could get some important intel from one of his well-established cronies. This said crony later died, which put Connor in a difficult position given that he effectively let one person die in order to help his friend. He knew that this could have been done differently had he stayed in the operating room.

The good news is that Will is alive, but the bad news is clearly that Ray’s people are still out there and Will’s in danger of retaliation. While we don’t think Nick Gehlfuss is leaving the show by any means, we are curious how long he’s going to be MIA from the hospital due to the level of danger that he’s in.

The story of April’s heart

While the Will / Natalie story arc was the main one within this episode, it was far from the only thing going on as we were also treated to one of the more emotional April stories that we’ve had a chance to see this season. She and Ethan helped to deliver a baby early, only to later realize that this baby was actually going to die within 24 hours. The parents abandoned it, lacking the fortitude to be there for their own flesh and blood. She didn’t want the baby to die alone and dropped everything to ensure someone was there for her. Meanwhile, Ethan did end up attending the wedding with Vicky … or at least trying to.

Consider this a reminder that April is a person like no other and she feels in such a deep, powerful way. Also, consider this another reminder that Yaya DaCosta is fantastic at conveying feeling even when she is not saying a lot of dialogue.

The story of Charles’ struggle

For Dr. Charles, meanwhile, he found himself lodged between a rock and a hard place this week after his patient was unable to actually see her husband as the man she loved. Instead, she only saw him as an imposter. He tried to get her on proper medication in order to correct it, but the side effects of the drug were so severe that this would never work for her. To make matters worse, medication due to her brain tumor is the only reason the lack of recognition for her husband even happened. She wanted to have surgery, but she struggled to give enough consent that Goodwin was happy. Because the husband wouldn’t agree to the operation, now the entire situation is paused. Dr. Charles has been doing this for so long though, that we don’t think it hung on to him as he went to the wedding. He recognized that he did have to move on to the next big thing in his life.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We’ve admittedly had frustrations with the Ray storyline, but that is no fault to the cast who were exceptional in this episode. Gehlfuss perfectly stuck to Will’s instinct and gave us a guy who, even when the chips were down and his own life was in danger, wanted to save Ray’s life. We do think that there are clearly more issues that are coming, including what happens with that wedding (and the money spent on it!) now that Will is being carted off.

Hey, if you wanted a cliffhanger for the Chicago Med fall finale, we definitely do think that this episode succeed in that. They have given us so much to talk about during the hiatus and that’s what makes a great midseason finale!

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