The Flash season 5 episode 9 review: Who’s around in the future?

Flash season 5 episode 2
Tonight, The Flash season 5 episode 9 offered up something for the history books. We are speaking, after all, about the 100th episode. This marked a chance to really better understand the journey of Barry Allen and, beyond that, precisely how far this character has come during the early days of the show.

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This episode was crazy — let’s make that very clear. After all, there were all sorts of twists throughout here as we got to see Barry and his daughter Nora work to construct a plan in which they could stop Cicada using a wide array of different materials from the past. They basically had to collect something from the era of Savitar, Zoom, and then also the Reverse-Flash. It was fun to see all sorts of nostalgic cameos from the past but, to go along with that, it was also nice to just get some new wrinkles to things. Take, for example, how much Eobard Thawne actually knew about the future before our present-day Barry Allen even told him anything.

So why was Barry hesitant to bring Nora along for the ride? Well, a big part of this happened to be due to what he went through. He didn’t want to expose Nora to some of the darker corners of his life, including that there was an evil version of him from the future in Savitar or that Eobard was responsible for the death of his mother. There were only so many details that ultimately could be included in the Flash Museum, apparently.

Once the plan was complete

Barry found his way back into the present, and with that, he was prepared to take on Cicada once and for all. He had readied a lot of his allies in order to ensure that he could use some of Cicada’s tech against him. Basically, they found a way to trap Cicada’s meta tech and then use it against him. Without that dagger Cicada wasn’t altogether useful … or was he? Well, as it turns out even breaching the dagger away didn’t really matter, given that he was able to retrieve it back from space. That meant that, effectively, it was time for plan B. Spoiler alert: Plan B also did not end altogether well. They were able to temporarily subdue him, but he still figured out a way in which to escape.

Well, it does turn out that there is a weakness to Cicada in Killer Frost, who is immune to what he does because of her powers not coming via dark matter. Yet, this wasn’t the big twist at the end of the hour. Instead, it was learning that in the future, Nora has been working alongside Eobard Thawne … or at least getting information! This relationship could very well prove to be interesting for some time moving forward.

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