The Flash 100th episode: Who isn’t going to appear?

Flash season 5 episode 2Tonight, The Flash 100th episode is set to air on The CW and over the course of that hour, you’re going to get a chance to see a wide array of familiar faces! Yet, with that being said, not every big bad that you’ve seen through the show’s history is going to be coming back.

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Speaking via TVLine, series star Grant Gustin confirms the one villain from the past who will be missing out of the big spectacle, which features Barry and Nora traveling back to some important moments in his past to gather information on how to beat Cicada:

“[With] the exception of DeVoe, we see every Big Bad, which is pretty cool … We do it in a way we’ve never done before with time travel, where it’s all kind of like those Back to the Future moments where they’re in the parking lot and they see Doc Brown get shot again.”

Why not feature DeVoe? It’s possible that it could be a scheduling / timing issue, but it could also just be the simple fact that the character’s so recent that nobody really needs a refresher on him. Also, it’s not altogether hard to feature the other three Big Bads. Series regular Tom Cavanagh (who also is directing the 100th episode) played Eobard Thawne on the series in the first season; meanwhile, you don’t have to actually unmask Zoom (played sans mask by Teddy Sears) and Savitar, outside of the costume, is just Gustin with a little bit of scarring on his face.

We’d love to see some other characters from the past turn up, whether it be the likes of Eddie Thawne, Robbie Raymond, Julian Albert, or Linda Park, but it doesn’t feel like it’s necessarily the goal of the producers in the 100th episode to just throw in as many different characters as possible. There does still need to be some story in here that is relevant to the past and it’s hard to really imagine how any of these characters’ story is going to matter all that much in terms of what’s going on in the present with Cicada. Stopping him is the priority here more so than just sending all of the different cast members on The Flash on some sort of nostalgic tour.

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If you could choose a returning character from the past 99 episodes of The Flash to appear in the 100th, who would you choose? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Come back tonight, as we will have a full review of everything that transpires. (The CW.)

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