Outlander season 4 episode 6 video: The story of Jamie, Willie, & more

OutlanderOn Sunday night’s new episode of Outlanderyou’re going to have a chance to see what should be yet another fascinating character study. On season 4 episode 5, we had a chance to dive a little bit more into the state of things with Murtagh alongside Jamie and Claire. Moving forward now, meanwhile, we’re going to have a rather-exciting opportunity to dive into things further with Lord John Grey and also Jamie’s son Willie.

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Unfortunately, we cannot exactly say that Lord John Grey’s arrival in this episode comes under the most ideal circumstances. After all, he’s going to fall ill not too long after his arrival, and that puts him in a position where he will have to rely on Claire. The relationship between these two should really ebb and flow in some rather-interesting ways and we’re excited to see precisely how that ends up unfolding from start to finish.

Then, there’s also the Willie part of the equation, which for Jamie produces another interesting struggle given that he’s been on the outside of this young man’s life for many years now. He’s going to take him on a tour of the Fraser’s Ridge wilderness, but it’s not going to be the most ideal tours possible. After all, over the course of it you’re going to see another incident unfold involving the Native Americans. The problem here is that Willie seems to have a little bit of a different perception of the Cherokee — he uses the same word the German settlers did — and this is something that may need adjusting, provided of course that Jamie can even get through to him in the first place. For the time being, we cannot quite say that this is guaranteed.

Given that this episode is poised to have Murtagh, Lord John, and Willie, it could be one of the most interesting of the season — at least insofar as guest stars go.

What’s going on when it comes to Brianna?

That’s something that this new promo does not reveal at all, but we still should be conscious of the fact that the character is on her way to find Jamie and Claire. This journey will likely be chronicled over the next couple of episodes; we don’t think that she will be arriving in North Carolina immediately, but it’s also not that far on the horizon at this point. There is quite a bit to look forward to here!

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