The Voice top 10 review: Reagan Strange, Chevel Shepherd, more perform!

The Voice 15
Tonight, the top ten on The Voice are set to perform, and there’s going to be some opportunities for people to see a different side!

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Over the course of the episode tonight, we’re going to be giving you our take on everyone who performs — hopefully, this will be a fun episode that stands out from the rest!

Kennedy Holmes, “Me Too” – We love the fact that Jennifer Hudson isn’t forcing Kennedy to go out and do a ballad every week, especially since she can dance and move around like a pop star. While not every single note in here totally worked, we did like it as a kick-off to the show and a high-energy number. Also, she still found a way to incorporate some vocal power in here. Grade: A-.

Reagan Strange, “Cry” – This is a tough song for Reagan to do, and we do think that she strained at times with some of the notes. Yet, the fact that she was able to hit some of them was appropriate. We’re not sure that she fully connected to the lyrics, but it’s hard to really think of ballads that people Reagan’s age are going to be able to fully relate to. Grade: B.

Sarah Grace, “Amazing Grace” – We know that this is going to be controversial, since there is a large contingent of people out there who feel like this song is sacred and should only be done one way. Yet, we love the artistry and the power that was here — the only part that didn’t work was the part with the trumpet, since she just didn’t have the oomph fully in there with it. Grade: A-.

Kymberli Joye, “Oceans” – She made Kelly Clarkson tear up by the end of it and for good reason. This was all sorts of incredible from start to finish. She is a tremendous singer but now that we know her full intentions with gospel, we do think that this really sets the stage for her to deliver some awesome performances the rest of the season. How do you criticize this? Grade: A.

Chris Kroeze, “Callin’ Baton Rouge” – This was precisely what it really needed to be — a fun, entertaining number with all sorts of musicality and stage presence. While Chris may not be the most memorable contestant on the show this season, he definitely feels like the sort of guy we’d love to go to a show and listen to. Grade: B.

Dave Fenley, “When You Say Nothing At All” – Dave’s voice and so pure that he does really well with traditional ballads. This was miles better than what we saw from him last week — it was real and it was organic to him. We do think that he’s got a great recording voice, and while we certainly don’t think that he’s flashy, he probably appeals a lot to older viewers out there. Grade: B+.

DeAndre Nico, “That’s What I Like” – We really thought that this was going to be something fantastic, but the energy from DeAndre wasn’t there like we really wanted. He just didn’t bring the same sort of energy to the stage that we’ve seen with Bruno Mars. The vocals were fairly good, but given that we could say the same thing about almost everyone at this point, you need to bring something more to the table. Grade: B-.

Chevel Shepherd, “You’re Looking at Country” – This was absolutely an old-school country song, complete with a little bit of yodeling and a bunch of people singing under what appeared to be some sort of old-school porch. While we do think that Chevel did a good job with this performance, it was a little bit dated from what we consider to be modern country. Grade: B-.

Kirk Jay “Tomorrow” – This was certainly so much more in Kirk’s country wheelhouse, something that was emotional and all sorts of meaningful to him. We loved the way that he poured his heart into this and took his time really spelling all of the story of the song out there. This may very well be Kirk’s best performance of the live shows. Grade: A-.

MaKenzie Thomas, “Because You Loved Me” – We cannot say that we’re 100% surprised that MaKenzie did another big ballad because she is really good at them. At least this one is one that, melodically, we haven’t heard too much on the show elsewhere. Dare we say, this really did work for her … especially when she got to some of the high notes at the end? Grade: A.

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