Good Trouble promo: A different sort of kitchen table

Freeform LogoFreeform has released yet another Good Trouble promo leading up to the show’s premiere in January, and this one has a rather simple theme: Kitchen tables. In the world of The Fosters, this was a particularly important place. This is where many cast members all gathered together and talked about their day as a family. It was, effectively, a chance for everyone within the Adams Foster family to connect with one another. There were a lot of arguments there but, when the dust settled, there was also a lot of love. This was one of the real engines that drove that show.

Now, moving into the new spin-off, we are going to see a different sort of kitchen table — and different sort of family. After arriving in Los Angeles in order to kick-start the next phase of their lives, you will end up having a chance to see Callie and Mariana find themselves at the Coterie. It’s a place that they are staying at almost out of necessity: They don’t have a lot of money and because of that, they don’t really have a lot of options. They don’t have a kitchen of their own at this place, and that means they’ll have to figure out how to get along with everyone else who lives there.

Just as you would imagine, there are going to be many different characters who you have an opportunity to see over the course of this episode. Some of them are going to be completely different from anyone Callie or Mariana have ever met — hopefully most will be likable, but there’s no real guarantee of that at all.

Throughout the new series, you will have a chance to see these characters try to figure out what their lives and future will look like as they embark on a career as young adults. This show is, effectively, playing into an audience that is effectively under-served within the television world. There are a number of series out there that play into what people are doing as either teenagers or college students, but very few of them really look at young adulthood in a series, dramatic way.

In the end, the idea here is to give you some of what you loved on The Fosters, but also with a new degree of energy and intrigue. It’s a few familiar faces in a new backdrop, with new struggles that are hopefully going to be fascinating. We’re very much ready to see precisely what Good Trouble brings.

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