Is The Walking Dead new tonight on AMC? Rick Grimes movie talk

Walking Dead season 8Is The Walking Dead new tonight on AMC? Given that we just met the Whisperers on the series, it’s fair to want more now. This was one of the biggest reveals of the entire first half of the season, so of course, why wouldn’t you want to continue to keep the story going?

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The sad news here is that there is no new installment coming on AMC tonight, mostly because we are at the end of the road for the first half of the season! Losing Jesus and getting the arrival of the Whisperers are the two things to be remembered coming out of the midseason finale more so than just about anything else. We’ll see just where that story goes, but one thing certainly does feel clear — you’re going to have a chance to see an evolution of these communities as they face one of their biggest threats in some time.

Alas, one thing that we’re not going to presumably see is either Rick Grimes or Jadis, his helicopter companion at the end of his final episode. These two characters could end up being saved for the upcoming AMC movie, the first of potentially many, seeing the Rick character. While nothing is being confirmed about the new project as of yet, Pollyanna McIntosh is making it clear that she does absolutely want to see Jadis there. Speaking (via while at Fan Fest this weekend in San Jose, here is some of what she had to say on the subject:

“We’re going to see where Rick is, so she would be there … Things are in process right now, it’s exciting. I’m not ready to leave her behind yet.”

Personally, we do think that it makes some sense to get Jadis on board just because the more familiar faces you bring to the Rick movie, the better off it’s going to be. He’s also going to need someone to talk to about the people from his old life that he’s missing; while Jadis isn’t exactly the idea person for Rick, we suppose that it could also be worse.

It’s possible in theory that we could see the Rick movie at some point in 2019, but we’re personally not holding our breath. The plan is to shoot this more like a traditional movie, which means that production isn’t going to have a super-fast turnaround.

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Are you disappointed that The Walking Dead is off the air for the rest of the year, and where do you want to see the story go moving forward now? Be sure to share in the attached comments. (Photo: AMC.)

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