Designated Survivor season 3: When should the first trailer arrive?

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 2At the moment, Designated Survivor season 3 is inching ever closer to its arrival on Netflix … though at the same time, it’s very much clear that it is still miles away. New episodes of the show are not going to be coming out until we get around to next year and at present, there is still no absolute confirmation as to when that will even be.

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So without a specified premiere date, we admit that it can be rather hard in order to speculate further on a trailer … but that is still precisely what we want to do here! We want to do our best on some level to pinpoint the ideal time in which to launch an extended video look at the series, as we do think that there are a number of interesting possibilities out there. The best one is simply this: Releasing a trailer in the late spring. With the current timeline that Designated Survivor appears to be on, it makes a certain degree of logical sense to try and launch the new batch of episodes in the summer. If that’s the case, why not use the spring to promote it?

We do think, even more so than the standard Netflix series, that Designated Survivor is going to need a good bit of lead-up time in order to get viewers hooked once more on the concept and the story of the show. This is mostly just a symptom of how long it was off the air, which, in the end, is a really long time. There was also a ton of time in there in which the series was canceled and, as a result of that, we do have a feeling that this sentiment could still be out there. That’s something that, rather regrettably, we do think that Designated Survivor is still trying to take on. It’s something that it could be battling for a good while just because news does not often spread to every corner of the internet.

No matter when Designated Survivor returns, here is what our strategy would be: A teaser a good two months prior to the launch, and then a couple of trailers scaled out in the weeks ahead. Give viewers numerous opportunities to dive into the show and enjoy it, given that this is going to be the thing that helps Netflix the most down the road. (Given that Netflix has a recent history of canceling a lot of shows, we do think getting the word out is essential.)

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When do you want to see the first Designated Survivor season 3 trailer turn up? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: Netflix.)

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