Scream season 3: Is a 2018 debut getting somewhat out of reach?

TygaThe mystery surrounding Scream season 3 at MTV is not getting any clearer, and we’re now officially nearing the end of the year.

For the time being, here is what we know: Filming for this season actually wrapped up ages ago, and despite there being a great cast here including Tyga, Tyler Posey, and Mary J. Blige, the network has been extremely hesitant to announce anything even resembling an official premiere date. They’ve kept their cards fairly close to the vest as to what they want to do with the show, and they’ve already opted against airing the show around Halloween, which seemed to have been the perfect time in which to air it.

It’s probably not fair to completely define the problems with Scream on a single issue; after all, there seem to be several that have long plagued this series and made it hard for it to actually end up arriving in viewers’ laps.

The output agreement – This seems to have been resolved months ago, as there were some murky waters to go through when it comes to Scream and its previous affiliation with The Weinstein Company. The messy dispute that came through all of this was incredibly unfortunate, mostly because viewers were left with some uncertainty internationally over some issues that were completely out of their own control — mostly because of the horrific actions of the production company’s namesake.

Finding the right time to air it – We understand this as an issue for a couple of months, maybe, but for the entire year? MTV can’t fall back on this anymore. This is only a six-episode season, and it’s felt like now would be the perfect time to air it given the recent Scream references on both Legacies and also Riverdale.

The series’ content – If we were to wager a guess, this is the #1 thing that has kept season 3 on the air. There may be a fear that the show’s hyper-aggressive and violent content may be seen as egregious in an era where there is so much of a consciousness about violence among young people, whether it be school shootings or other mass murders. This content is the reason why the Paramount Network effectively burned off their adaptation of Heathers, and that seems to be the closest parallel that we can draw with Scream.

Is this show ever going to air?

Probably, but we’re not expecting much in the way of fanfare or promotion for it. MTV has shown with their scheduling decisions that they don’t have a lot of faith in the show and they don’t necessarily want to be in the high-school-horror content game. They may put it on, but there’s not exactly any hope we have for a season 4 at the moment, unless of course the show ends up elsewhere and finds a different sort of story to tell.

When do you want to see a Scream season 3 come on the air moving forward? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: MTV.)

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