Supernatural season 14 spoilers: Misha Collins discusses Jack crisis

Supernatural season 13 posterAs we move into the next Supernatural season 4 episode airing on The CW this Thursday, there is one extremely-important question to ponder: What is going to happen with Jack? Alexander Calvert’s character clearly has his life on the line, and nothing that Sam, Dean, or Castiel have done to help him has worked. As a matter of fact, the plan involving the Shaman turned out to be nothing more than an experimental test that went haywire and we are left to wonder if there is any saving the character now from a quick death.

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So what position are our three heroes in now when it comes to the Jack situation? Think a desperate one. They have all lost people close to them before, but this is different than your standard Supernatural death (provided he actually dies). Jack represented something more to every single character on the series, whether it be a chance at redemption, an opportunity to show a different side, or at least someone to care for beyond just the typical hunt of the week. We think that Misha Collins really states this the best in a new interview with TVLine:

“It’s hard for all three of us because, in a weird way, each of us has taken on the role of father, which I think is possibly kind of competitive. We’re all vying for the position of father. Like, ‘Who’s your favorite dad?'”

Granted, we don’t see Jack suddenly rising out of bed and shouting an answer to this particular question, as all of these characters are collectively going to be forced to dive into themselves to see if there is any hope for a solution to the Jack problem. Will someone be able to effectively pull a rabbit out of their hat? We’re going to have to wait and see on that; our personal feeling is that there is a way to save him and that Calvert is not 100% leaving the series; yet, it’s not going to be a particularly-easy thing for these characters to figure out and it could actually take a little bit of time in order for them to properly do so. We don’t expect that in, the opening minutes of next week’s episode, someone to suddenly say “I’ve got it!” and come up with a way to resolve the situation.

At this point, what we know is this: We don’t want to lose Jack. Much like the Winchesters and Collins’ character, we’ve come to love the guy over time. It’s a way for Sam and Dean especially to have a father-figure role, and any time we think about fathers and this show it always makes us nostalgic.

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