MacGyver debate: How should the show move forward without George Eads?

MacGyverOdds are, you’ve already heard the news at this point that George Eads is leaving MacGyver at some point by the end of this season. Now, that leads into the next question — what in the world should CBS do now?

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While we don’t think that the entire MacGyver ecosystem needs Eads and his character of Jack Dalton to survive, we also don’t want to undersell his importance to the show, either. Jack and MacGyver were set up as the main dynamic duo for the series and they have clearly been through a lot together, dating back far before the start of the show. He’s not a character who can be replaced immediately, but the good news is that there are a few different ways in which the producers could start to move forward and figure out what’s next for the show moving forward.

1. Promote a different character to Mac’s #1 partner – There’s certainly a case to using either a Bozer or a Riley alongside Mac, but their skill set makes it that they would not be altogether effective in the same role that Jack was. You could make a case to promote Leanna (Reign Edwards) to the spot, but other than that there aren’t too many other options within the Phoenix Foundation itself. (Remember, Samantha Cage has been gone for almost a full year now.)

2. Hire a new actor – This is what we envision the series likely doing eventually just because there may be someone out there who can fill the void left by Jack in a way that makes a little bit of sense for both the characters around him and the show itself. We’d prefer that the series took its time before doing this, though, potentially even waiting until season 4 to bring them in.

3. Having a rotating panel of partners – Maybe the series just decides that Mac doesn’t need to have the same partner every week and you go with more of a committee approach — Bozer works with him one episode and Riley the next. Or, maybe you bring on a new person and then add them to a rotating mix. This does make some sense, given that you are alleviating the pressure put on one person to “replace” Jack and you are giving yourself almost-constant creativity. We suppose that it’s also possible that Mac could do some work solo, but we don’t really see all that much of that on TV in 2018.

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What do you think that MacGyver should do in order to move forward following the departure of George Eads? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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