Supergirl season 4 spoilers: Are Kara, Lena heading down a tough road?

Lena LuthorAs we move forward in Supergirl season 4, it’s clear that there are going to be some fractures that form — and a big one could happen between Kara and Lena.

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For some examples of that, you don’t really have to look any further than the secrets that they are keeping from one another. Kara doesn’t know the extent of Lena’s research, which she is doing in order to try to change the course of humanity. She wants to be able to turn humans “super” in a way in which they can level the playing field with aliens. She may be doing it with the best of intentions, but it’s hard to imagine that Kara Danvers would ever see it that way. Playing God does come with its fair share of consequences, and beyond that, it’s hard to say how any person would react to absolute power. Sometimes, fighting power with power just leads to detonations.

Of course, there is also another interesting component to all of this worth remembering, and that is Kara’s own secret that she’s Supergirl in the first place. She’d likely be enraged if she ever found out — not just at Kara, but virtually everyone else given that she’s the one person in their friend group out of the loop. All of this sets the two characters up for a fall, and it is one that could happen at some point in the future … just don’t expect it to be right away.

Speaking to, series star Melissa Benoist drew a parallel between Kara and Lena and another iconic relationship in Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. It’s a way to show just how a relationship can turn and some of the chaos that can come as a result of that:

“I think what’s so fun about exploring a Luthor and a ‘Super’ relationship is the slow burn of it,” Benoist said. “I love that we’re telling in the way that Lex Luthor and Clark Kent were friends before they were enemies. I love that we’re telling that story, too. I would expect that it will be a really slow burn: that realization, reveal.”

Is it possible that more information comes out this season for both Lena and Kara? It’s possible, and if it does, almost everything will change for these characters moving forward. We don’t think we’re at a point where their relationship is irreparable if the secrets come out, but the longer things go, the more dangerous they could become in the end. We’ll get to see (hopefully) a little more information in the last normal episode of the year on Sunday. Beyond that, anything’s possible.

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