The Flash season 5 episode 7 review: The Cicada origin story

 Flash season 5 episode 2It took a long time, but tonight, The Flash season 5 episode 7 delivered a good bit of backstory when it comes to the character of Cicada. We understand more of why Orlin is doing what he is — and beyond just that, also his relationship with his daughter … who actually isn’t his biological daughter.

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As it turns out, Orlin brought in Grace after tragedy struck her mother. He was basically an uncle who had to figure out some of how to make things work on the fly, which was hardly an easy thing for him to do. He became a better father over time, though, and he and Grace developed a really great bond … one that was tore apart after the Enlightenment. He was practically impaled and Grace’s life was put entirely on hold.

This story did at least make us understand who Orlin is as a person — while we’re not exactly rooting for Cicada by any means, we do think that it’s nice to actually understand his point of view a little bit more than we previously did. That has to mean something, right? He was taking out meta-humans because he blamed them for what happened … but we do think that there is something more to it. His meta-tech came from the very thing that was impaled in him and he could use that in order to take out other meta-humans. It also gave him a better sense of strength and purpose.

Despite being warned to stay away, Orlin did chose to stop by the hospital at the very end of the hospital in order to see Grace for the holidays.

As for the story of the week…

Tonight gave us an opportunity to get to understand some of the hard feelings that Nora did still hold towards her father over some of what happened with him leaving in the future. All of a sudden, she went from idolizing him as The Flash to suddenly wondering why he couldn’t have just been a good dad for her and forgotten all of the rest. It’s a good question to wonder and it’s something that the series really tried to take on over the course of the hour. Yet, she also had to understand that this is who Barry is (a hero) and he’ll do whatever he can to help Central City. All of this was manifested further in what happened with Weather Wizard and his daughter, Weather Witch, who threatened to destroy the city unless she could get revenge on him over abandoning her.

In the end, Barry did succeed in stopping Weather Witch, and eventually Nora came to understand further why did precisely what he did.

Thanksgiving … or the thankless

At the end of the episode, we were originally going to see a celebration of the holiday featuring everyone … but that was temporarily derailed by Sherloque being a total Debbie Downer and not wanting to have anything to do with the holiday. Yet, eventually Killer Frost of all people reminded them that being with friends is better than not being with friends.

The cliffhanger

The team finally got a vision of Orlin Dwyer in the closing minutes, courtesy of hospital security footage!

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