The Walking Dead season 9 episode 9: Five things we want

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As we start to move forward into The Walking Dead season 9 episode 9, what are some of the things that we want to see? Over the course of this article, we want to do our best in order to figure that out! There are, after all, many different fun directions in which the AMC story could go. Really, it just comes down to how they want to push forward the narrative of the Whisperers, what sort of threats to really focus on, and then finally whether or not there is something larger than the story can really build towards. At this point, we do think that the series needs to be done with just taking on supply runs and doing battle with various malevolent factions who are coming on board.

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1. Focus on some of the new characters – Some of the newer people on the show right now are basically still unknowns — we have to care about them if they’re going to die. We need to be invested in these new people like we were invested back in season 2, when we met Hershel, Maggie, and many of the other characters at the farm.

2. Present a larger story of life – Basically, there needs to be a larger actual drive for the story beyond just survival and going on various supply runs. There needs to actually still be characters trying to act like normal. That sort of lifestyle does still need to be there; the walkers aren’t really as much of a threat, after all, as they once were. Why haven’t some of these characters figured out life just yet?

3. Why is everyone mad at Michonne? – There needs to be some more backstory here, and hopefully the writers are going to present something sooner rather than later. We’ve gotten a few teases of tension with Carol, but it seems like Michonne has cut Alexandria off from some of the outside world. This goes against some of Rick’s original vision for some of the established communities.

4. Give the Whisperers a different sort of story – Don’t make the story just another All Out War storyline. This needs to be something different than just another The Walking Dead war between factions. Isn’t there a different way to handle this crisis beyond just some of what we’ve seen on the show already? Also, can they have a different sort of mission beyond just resources?

5. Establish some sort of endgame – Where is all of this going at the very end? We’re nine seasons in, and it doesn’t seem as though there is a larger drive or something to push things forward beyond just the day-to-day.

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