Elseworlds promo features Black Suit Superman, new villain

Tonight during the latest new episode of Supergirl, The CW showcased one of their most-elaborate promos that we’ve seen for the upcoming crossover event ElseworldsLet’s go ahead and make it clear: This isn’t a trailer! We don’t have enough footage here for it to be considered that.

Yet, this trailer does at least give us a few welcome teases for what is coming up next, starting with the fact that the Big Bad here could be a mad scientist with a rather malicious, diabolical plan that seems to revolve around altering and changing history. It’s certainly not the same thing that we’ve seen with Legends of Tomorrow over the years, as this seems to be a little bit more like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. You’ve got Barry Allen and Oliver Queen effectively in different bodies and there are a number of other oddities as well. Take, for example, getting to see John Wesley Shipp in a costume similar to what he wore as The Flash several decades back. Beyond that, you’ve also got Tyler Hoechlin as the Black Suit Superman, something that we know many comic-book fans have been wanting to see for a rather long time.

While the precise details of the Elseworlds plot are still very much of the to-be-determined variety, what really matters more so than anything is the epic-ness of it all. You’ve got a really broad scale, new characters like Lois Lane, and a chance for a lot of the actors to play around. While we’ve had a chance to see a number of actors take on different roles already via various photos / teasers, there is more to come down the line. The CW and the producers haven’t revealed all of their secrets just yet.

Is this crossover event the culmination of everything that the Arrowverse has done so far? We wouldn’t go so far as to say that, mostly because this seems to insinuate that this was in some way connected to the majority of the rest of the shows involved. We’re not sure that it’s tied all that closely to any other storylines. More so than anything, what we’d assume with Elseworlds is mostly just that the writers for all of these shows have learned a lot about what worked and didn’t from the previous crossovers and this should be an opportunity to see them really approaching the story from a vantage point of what makes the most sense, and also what could be the most entertaining for longtime fans.

The Elseworlds crossover will officially start airing in December — for specific dates, take a look at the schedule in the image above.

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