Manifest fall finale video: Bracing for a possible cliffhanger

Manifest season 1The Manifest fall finale will officially arrive on NBC Monday night and based on the preview below, you have to be prepared for the series at the height of its powers. All of the mythology and much of the drama has been building to this point, one in which Ben and the remaining passengers of flight 828 may have to fight for their freedom more so than ever before.

The preview starts with Ben getting a chance to understand more the plight of the missing passengers — after all, it is so much easier when one of them is in his garage. He may be able to get some more information on the experiments being done from them, but this still does not change what is coming up on the other side of that: Actually seeing some of the people behind said experiments and understanding more of what was happening to them behind the scenes. Some of this is going to be pretty-horrific stuff, which only serves to raise the stakes further when tragedy hits a little bit closer to home — Cal could be taken at some point during this episode and given what he saw aboard that plane, he’s the #1 person almost anyone doing these experiments would want.

Trying to resolve this part of the story is important, but it is certainly not the only part of the story that is. We do wonder if we are building towards something big with Michaela and Jared at the end of the fall finale, something that in turn could become super complicated in the second part of the season. We view their situation a little bit differently than we do Ben and Grace; we actually think that it’s okay if Ben and Grace get back together, mostly because she seems to have found happiness with Danny and, down the road, there could be options for Ben elsewhere. With Michaela and Jared, it just feels like there is a little bit more in the way of unresolved chemistry that is worth watching the writers try to take on. How they explore a lot of this moving into the latter stages of the season will be important — this is just the fall finale coming up, but it will set the stage for so much more.

For those of you who are already thinking a little bit about a season 2, rest assured that this is coming. With the ratings for Manifest being what they are it’s hard to envision a scenario in which it doesn’t come back. It’s generating more buzz and attention than almost any other new network show, and we’re in an era where it is hard for almost any of them to generate buzz.

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