The Flash season 5 episode 7 video: Barry’s in danger (again)

The FlashMoving into The Flash season 5 episode 7, we’ve got one fairly-simple observation to make: Does anyone else feel as though Barry Allen is constantly in danger? Even though the guy is a superhero, it feels like he’s had himself in near-death situations more often this year than almost any other. We’ve seen Nora save him so far, just as we’ve also see Iris jump off of a building for him. In the wake of getting to see his daughter, does anyone else think that Barry has taken his eye off of the ball a little bit?

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In the video below for Tuesday’s “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” you can see Barry finding himself in a little bit of trouble in the midst of what could’ve otherwise been a fairly joyous time in his life. It’s Thanksgiving! On paper, this is the time in which everyone should be able to concentrate mostly on family and fun, but that’s not happening here. For starters, Nora has not necessarily conquered all of the unresolved issues that she has when it comes to her father. She knows that he vanished, but there are of course questions as to why and how; when you’ve got a deep personal wound like she does, she also probably does not do the greatest job in the world of seeing other sides of an argument, either. She’s somewhat-blinded thanks to part to some of her own demons.

While this episode will be a big story for Barry and Nora, at the same time there are some other father-daughter stories that are worth telling and exploring here, as well. Take, for example, getting to see and understand more of what’s happening with Cicada and his daughter (there’s some important backstory there) to go along with the return of Weather Wizard, who will be joined this time around by his daughter in Weather Witch. She’s going to have some many unresolved issues that the ones of Nora will seem like almost nothing in comparison. Barry’s going to have to find a way to help settle this dispute, almost like a superhero mediator, to ensure that most of Central City does not descend into ruin along the way. With these particular characters, it’s not altogether hard to figure out a situation in which something like that could happen.

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